Dental Care

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Dental health in both dogs and cats is as important as it is for people. Pets need to have their teeth cleaned just like people do.

Our doctors will check your dog’s teeth, and they’ll clean them if they need cleaning. When you drop your dog or cat off for their dental exam and cleaning, it’s important to know what’s involved. Ask our veterinarians today!

FAQs about Pet Dental Care

What Is Involved During a Dental Cleaning?

Every dental cleaning begins with a comprehensive oral examination:

  • A vet will evaluate structures of the face, head, and neck.
  • The intraoral structures are examined, including teeth and soft tissues.
  • Scaling and polishing are the most common dental cleaning procedures.
  • Full mouth radiographs (x-rays) are obtained.
Is Sedation Necessary for Pet Dental Cleanings?

Yes, sedation is needed for a full exam and cleaning. It is also important for dental x-rays. Teeth will be cleaned and polished, just like humans.

Are Dental Cleanings Really Important for Pets?

When dogs and cats get gingivitis or periodontal disease, bacteria can cause:

  • Oral infections that cause bleeding
  • Damage to the soft tissues and bone anchoring the teeth
  • Bacteria entering the bloodstream
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